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CloudGenee AI engine makes your Cloud Instance self-optimizing

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Intelligent Cloud

Make your Cloud instance self-optimizing. CloudGenee AI engine identifies and matches the most optimal cloud resources basis the type of workload, Compute requirements, Fault tolerance etc. It gives a real-time estimate on the potential savings and recommendations at a resource level which can then be accepted or rejected by the user. Signup and start saving instantly.

Auto Shut or Start Cloud resources

Discover and terminate Deadwood resources

Dynamic capacity planning basis real-time traffic

Auto re-sizing basis utilization

Data driven decision to switch between PAG, Reserve and Spot instances

Recommendations for alternate resource or services with potential savings

Our Clients

Manage & Automate

Use CloudGenee AI engine to get visibility into all your cloud environments across multi-cloud at a granular level, learn which teams, projects, or applications are accountable for driving cloud cost and usage, and hold them accountable. With CloudGenee AI, track patterns over time and forecast future budgets accurately and reduce variances.

Cost Control

Examine cost details across cloud services, accounts, regions, user groups and alert stakeholders about anomalies

Forecast Accurately

Proactively forecast spend in real time and predict actual vs budget variances accuratley

User Access Management

Single console to control, not just who can use what, but also how much to stay within budget


Receive Design recommendations, create catalouge of pre-approved cloud services and Auto-deploy workloads on cloud of your choice

Secure Cloud

Improve cloud security with real-time visibility into misconfigurations based on security rules and custom policies. Automate reporting for frameworks such as SOC 2, GDPR, HIPPA & PCI


Automate processes to track approval or support request, compliance scores, no. of open violations and team progress to resolve these issues

Smart Source

Connect your existing cloud account or upload the comnsumption report to get an instant price quote from Smart Source and start saving now

Jumpstart to Cloud

Use CloudGenee AI to optimize your design and avoid spending extra. Get instant quote and forecast accurately


CloudGenee offers gauranteed savings and you only pay from realized savings. Our pricing plans are flexible to accomodate needs of varying businesses. We offer custom plans for large enterprises.


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